why wood?

You may have chosen real wood flooring because it looks good, it is chic, and is always in vogue. What you may not be aware of is the many other reasons for choosing real wood:
healthier wood flooring

Healthier Option

Allergen producing dust mites, fleas and dust trapped in a carpet can play havoc with allergy sufferers – with wood nothing is hidden.

Easy Clean

Wood flooring is easier to keep clean than carpeting – a simple brush or light vacuum keeps your wood floor looking great and even mud dragged in by pets and kids vanishes with a damp mop.

brooksfloor odor free

Odour Free

With wood flooring there are no unpleasant odours – the sweet smell of a freshly cleaned wooden floor is always an inviting delight


Wood’s appeal is timeless – a well-fitted, good quality, wood floor should last for decades where carpeting will almost certainly need replacing sooner.

Cost Effective

Wood flooring is also available to all budgets and tends to appeal more when selling a house, compared to those with other floor finishes.

So now, having weighed up why wood is your favourite flooring, you have a few more choices.


It is exactly that: a solid piece of timber machined to normally around 20mm thickness. Of the many species available Brooksfloor has chosen beautiful French Oak in its Buckingham range .

Multi-ply Flooring


Is what it says it is: several layers of wood (in some cases cross-layered) bonded together to create a really strong core board that is then topped off with a solid wood top layer (lamella) of around 5mm of pretty much any species of wood you can imagine. Check out the variety of species in the Brooksfloor Blenheim range.


Similar to Multi-Ply but normally just formed with three layers (lamella, core and base). Our Timbertop® range is the very best.

wide plank brooksfloor profile


Is just that: whereas normally modern flooring is manufactured to widths of around 120/1 50mm, a wide plank can be anything from 225mm and wider. Again, part of the Brooksfloor Blenheim and Balmoral flooring.