keeping it at its best

As it is visually obvious when a wood floor needs cleaning (unlike carpeting that hides its dirt below the surface) a simple vacuum, sweep or dry mop is all that’s needed to clean day-to-day dust and loose dirt.

Dirt and grit act like sandpaper on the surface of a wood floor. As 80% of dirt comes from outside, place sturdy doormats and rugs at entry points and use furniture pads under chair legs and heavy furniture.

Consider a ‘no-high-heels’ policy and be aware of pets’ bad habits and scratching. Never place potted plants directly on a wood floor.

For more stubborn stains or a more intensive regular (every couple of months) ‘refresher’ clean, use a recommended after-care cleaning/maintenance product and you’ll bring a new lease of life to your floor.

BrooksFloor Furniture pads
These are just a few tips for keeping your floor at its best – if you have other issues (under-floor heating, cracks, scratches, etc) don’t hesitate to ask for advice.